Leisure is a serious business.  Having leisure areas in our public spaces and our homes is very important; if you are fortunate enough to have an outside space you can call your own then you are looking at somewhere you can enjoy and hopefully relax in.  But to truly make the most of an outside space, for leisure or any other purposes, you need to ensure that it is suitably designed and organised.


Look at the bigger picture

Taking a look at city planning and development schemes, there are philosophies and ideas that can be adapted to a garden.  The inclusion of green spaces has seen a rise in emphasis and importance in recent decades, as there is plenty of research indicating that outdoor spaces with lots of plants and grass have a positive effect on people’s mental health as well as establishing more plants to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide filtering.  These spaces are often designed to include as much grass as possible which is then planted around.  This gives the maximum amount of space for people to use and means more people can enjoy the space at once.  If we apply this logic to a garden, it tells us that having a good lawn is truly a centerpiece for our outdoor space.


A natural carpet

Choosing a good lawn is a lot like choosing the right carpet.  You need to understand the purposes the space is going to be used for as well as the reasons for carpeting this space in the first place.  For example, somewhere like a hallway would benefit from hard wearing carpet, whilst a bedroom should have a much softer and probably deeper pile carpet in it.  This can apply to grass as well; for an area that is going to receive a lot of footfall, or have animals frequently on it, a tough and hardy grass is a good idea.  But for spaces like a garden that is meant for relaxing and enjoyment, then perhaps a softer grass is in order, especially if you enjoy sitting on it.  If this sounds like a good idea, then you should consider a product like Matilda grass, as it is incredibly soft whilst still retaining a good degree of resilience.  In fact, if you visit a reputable stockist then you will be able to feel how soft and luscious a beautifully farmed Matilda turf truly is.  A properly installed Matilda Grass lawn honestly feels like a luxurious carpet beneath your feet.


Not just a pretty face

Matilda grass isn’t going to feel soft and then go flat like a cheap carpet however.  This grass is a kind of Buffalo grass, which means that it is very hard wearing and remarkably low maintenance considering how delicate it can feel.  Getting Matilda grass as turf is definitely the way to go as it gives you much faster results, but make sure you know what you are buying.  Only buy speciality grass from reputable sellers to make sure that you get the highest quality product; if you are looking for quick results then you should use companies that will transform your garden with ease.  Having turf installed will make sure that your lawn is healthy and developing fast as Matilda grass has a strong, fibrous root system that binds it with ease.


Just remember that if you treat your garden with a bit of love and it will give you a wonderful place to relax in return, and your lawn is an essential part of that.