There are many ways to improve the look and usefulness of your garden, from adding garden storage, water features or even something as simple as planting new flowers.  But there is one feature of most gardens that, if poorly maintained, will instantly let the whole garden down – the lawn.


To turf or not to turf

If your lawn is a little lackluster then there are a few things that you can do to remedy the situation.  It is possible to heal a damaged lawn with special feeding products and other treatments that will remove weeds and moss whilst nourishing and feeding the grass.  This approach is great if you are dealing with small amounts of damage or isolated problems, but is much harder on a large scale.  Additionally, many of the products on the market that are designed to aid this kind of treatment are chemical based, which might be a deal-breaker for some.  If you are facing larger scale issues, then it is very possible to simply remove the entire top soil layer entirely, so that the weeds and grass are gone, and then treat the soil with a product to ensure that all of the weeds are dead.  A reasonable amount of time later (it varies with the products used) the soil can be reseeded and new grass will sprout.  This approach is the most thorough, but will take at least a year, possibly longer, before you are even close to a full and healthy lawn.  This leaves the last option, which is to turf the lawn space.


If you choose to turf…

Turfing a lawn makes a lot of sense, as it is a quick and effective procedure that will give great results fast.  There are times when it may not be suitable to turf, such as if the garden is riddled with weeds or has poor soil pH levels, both of which would need to be dealt with first.  But choosing to turf means that you are transplanting high quality, ready grown grass into your garden.  This turf should have been grown on dedicated turf farms by professionals who understand the needs of the grass and have cultivated it carefully until it is mature and strong enough to be harvested.  The turf is then sliced free from the soil in strips by a special machine before being rolled up or delivery.


Know your supplier

The quality of the turf you receive will dictate the end result almost exclusively, so picking a company like A View Turf that you know you can trust makes a big difference.  High quality turf and nothing else so you can always guarantee the results.  There are plenty of turf suppliers out there and many of them offer the same level of high standards, but there are also some whose standards aren’t quite so high, so doing a little bit of research first could save you from a complete re-turf of your garden in the long run.