How do you modernize a pool? Can you redesign an existing pool? Which pool upgrades are worth the money?

Is your swimming pool looking a little drab and dated? Perhaps you no longer use it as much as you used to and have left to fall into disrepair? Whatever the case, would you use it more if it were modernized with a facelift and some new features? Sure you would!

In this article, we’re going to explore how you can modernize a pool, how to redesign an existing pool, and which pool upgrades are worth the money. Read on if you’ve been thinking about a change!

Can you redesign an existing pool?

The short answer is yes! Redesigning an existing swimming pool is a possibility. It all depends on what it is that you would actually like to change about it, as some renovative-changes are far less complicated than others.

Here are the major changes that you can consider when redesigning an existing pool:

  • Depth adjustment: Pool not deep enough? Worried about the kids jumping in and hurting themselves? Well, you can always go deeper! Just make sure that if you do, you do plenty of research on depth and ensure that all safety standards are adhered to when finalizing the depth that you’re after. Your pool renovation company can help you with this.
  • Expansion: It’s a big job, but you can indeed expand a swimming pool / redesign it if you like. Just make sure you compare prices for size adjustments, against the cost of a brand-new swimming pool. Depending on a variety of factors, in certain cases it might actually be cheaper!
  • Mixing up the shape: Tired of the standard rectangle design? Would you like to modernize your swimming pool with a more natural looking shape and add some stunning rock-features? If so, then you can change the shape of your pool. Just remember that this is going to be very expensive (we’ll list some of the factors which influence costliness shortly).
  • Additional upgrades: There are tonnes of after-market upgrades for swimming pools (e.g., diving boards, slides, steps, etc.), simply speak with your local pool renovation specialist for more information.

How do you modernize a pool?

So, how do you modernize a pool? Well, there are many ways in which you can do it. But first, let’s break it down into the main areas:

  • Aesthetic
  • Technological
  • Safety

You see, you can renovate a swimming pool, but neglect the technology, and end up with a modern-looking swimming pool that is still rather dated.

Old pumps and electronics in a swimming pool can be very energy intensive and end up costing you more in the long run.

And of course, depending on when your swimming pool was installed, there are likely some dated safety features that could use another look.

Thus, in order to modernize a pool, not only must you upgrade the overall aesthetic appearance, but the technology that runs it, and the safety features that surround it as well.

Here are some aesthetic upgrades to consider:

  • Replacing tiling
  • Hire pool painters
  • Change/install coping
  • Re-plater the interior
  • Apply mosaics
  • Add water features (fountains are very modern and very easy on the senses)
  • Install slide / diving board
  • Add decking area with plenty of green
  • Decorate environment

Here are some technological upgrades to consider:

  • Change purification
  • Improve heating
  • Boost pump efficiency
  • Opt for cartridge filters
  • Automate functionality
  • Add more LED lighting

Here are some safety upgrades to consider:

  • Add stairs or an incline
  • Build a ‘shallow-end’ / safety edges
  • Add aluminium fencing with a gate
  • Upgrading decking areas
  • Safety ring
  • Invest in floatation assistance toys
  • Safety nets and covers (these are proven to save lives)
  • Reduce depth (if you want more people to feel safe in and enjoy it)

Which pool upgrades are worth the money?

OK then, so which pool upgrades are worth the money? Well, to be honest, the pool upgrades which are worth the money are those that you want the most! Remember, your swimming pool is not only an asset (as it surely adds value to your home), but it is something that you and your family/friends can get a lot of enjoyment out of. As such, when it comes to modernizing your pool and giving it the renovation that it deserves, don’t stress too much about cost. Just be more selective about what you really need, and what you want.

Here are some must-have upgrades that we would recommend every modern pool owner have:

  • Change / upgrade the purification: First of all, you want to manage your pool with the most recent and up-to-date methods. Changing the purification to advanced sanitization alternatives is much gentler on the skin, hair, nails, and eyes. You and your loved ones will be much safer and more comfortable if you do!
  • Invest in a safety swimming pool net / cover: If you’ve ever watched the movie Unbreakable, then the thought of having a cover over your swimming pool likely frightens the life out of you. However, a modern, state-of-the-art pool net is perfectly safe and actively saves lives! Whether you have young children or not, a quality safety net can even keep your pool clean of debris when not in use.
  • Boost pump efficiency: The beating heart of your pool is worth the investment. If you’re using an old pump, get it out and replace it with a brand-new, modern pump. Not only will it work more efficiently, but you’ll notice a drop in your energy bills as well. You can do your bit for the environment, whilst securing a little bonus for yourself.
  • Creative LED lighting: Another upgrade that we thing is worth the money is switching to LED lighting. New and advanced set ups are affordable and come with adjustable colour lighting so you can really set the scene!


Ultimately, one of the easiest and least-expensive ways of modernizing your pool is by giving it a fresh lick of paint. Perhaps your pump and everything else are working fine, and you simply need to fix the flaking plaster and discolouration in the pool. In that case, hire yourself a reputable pool renovation company like West Coast Pool Resurfacing, and they’ll be able to have it look good as new in no time!