Can Your Lawn Make You Feel Like You’re Walking On Air?

Leisure is a serious business.  Having leisure areas in our public spaces and our homes is very important; if you are fortunate enough to have an outside space you can call your own then you are looking at somewhere you can enjoy and hopefully relax in.  But to truly make the most of an outside space, for leisure or any other purposes, you need to ensure that it is suitably designed and organised.


Look at the bigger picture

Taking a look at city planning and development schemes, there are philosophies and ideas that can be adapted to a garden.  The inclusion of green spaces has seen a rise in emphasis and importance in recent decades, as there is plenty of research indicating that outdoor spaces with lots of plants and grass have a positive effect on people’s mental health as well as establishing more plants to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide filtering.  These spaces are often designed to include as much grass as possible which is then planted around.  This gives the maximum amount of space for people to use and means more people can enjoy the space at once.  If we apply this logic to a garden, it tells us that having a good lawn is truly a centerpiece for our outdoor space.


A natural carpet

Choosing a good lawn is a lot like choosing the right carpet.  You need to understand the purposes the space is going to be used for as well as the reasons for carpeting this space in the first place.  For example, somewhere like a hallway would benefit from hard wearing carpet, whilst a bedroom should have a much softer and probably deeper pile carpet in it.  This can apply to grass as well; for an area that is going to receive a lot of footfall, or have animals frequently on it, a tough and hardy grass is a good idea.  But for spaces like a garden that is meant for relaxing and enjoyment, then perhaps a softer grass is in order, especially if you enjoy sitting on it.  If this sounds like a good idea, then you should consider a product like Matilda grass, as it is incredibly soft whilst still retaining a good degree of resilience.  In fact, if you visit a reputable stockist then you will be able to feel how soft and luscious a beautifully farmed Matilda turf truly is.  A properly installed Matilda Grass lawn honestly feels like a luxurious carpet beneath your feet.


Not just a pretty face

Matilda grass isn’t going to feel soft and then go flat like a cheap carpet however.  This grass is a kind of Buffalo grass, which means that it is very hard wearing and remarkably low maintenance considering how delicate it can feel.  Getting Matilda grass as turf is definitely the way to go as it gives you much faster results, but make sure you know what you are buying.  Only buy speciality grass from reputable sellers to make sure that you get the highest quality product; if you are looking for quick results then you should use companies that will transform your garden with ease.  Having turf installed will make sure that your lawn is healthy and developing fast as Matilda grass has a strong, fibrous root system that binds it with ease.


Just remember that if you treat your garden with a bit of love and it will give you a wonderful place to relax in return, and your lawn is an essential part of that.

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How to Look After Your Lawn in Australia


Your lawn covers a big area of your garden, so of course you want to keep it looking lush and healthy. A lawn is something that attract the first attention when someone see your home. If it looks lush and good, it improves the whole look of your home. However, it is not easy to keep a lawn looking lush and healthy all the time, it requires lots of work and efforts. You need to mow it once a week, which will take a good morning or afternoon of your weekend. You need to spend extra buying fertilizer in order to keep it look green and healthy. Your water bills will be increased as you need to water your lawn on a regular basis. Beauty comes with a price. I have a few tips for looking after a lawn and keeping it looking good. Continue to read below.





1.   Choose the Right Turf

There is a variety of turf in the market today, and the right turf can save you tons of work later down the road. You should determine what kind of turf you are looking for when installing turf. Is your lawn going to have lots of traffic? Is your lawn going to be exposed to the light a lot? Are you located in a dry area where it rarely rains? Figure out the answers for these questions and then look for a turf supplies business that can offer you wide-ranging options of turf.


2.   Fertilizing Your Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and looking good, you’ve got to fertilize it. There are plenty of different kinds of fertilizers available at gardening stores, but you need to find out which one is specifically designed for your lawn. If you use the wrong kind of fertilizer, you might end up actually boosting the leaf length. If you are one of those who don’t like weeding or there are too many, there are fertilizers that have weed killers. That helps solve the headache of weeding. Remember to water the fertilizer after applying.



3.   Water Wisely

All living things need water. Your lawn also needs water to keep them looking its best. One thing you should keep in mind is that different lawn needs different amount of water. The timing is also important. It is recommended to do the watering in the morning when the sun is not so hot yet that will just evaporate the water straight away. Use a rain tank to collect rain water, and use the rain water collected to water your lawn. That is a great way to decrease your water bills.



4.   Mow Correctly

There is actually a right way of mowing your lawn. You should not mow it too short as it will place more stress on your lawn, and your lawn could be damaged and eventually die off. Around 3 inches high is an adequate length of your lawn after mowing.


5.   Check your Lawn PH  

A slightly acidic environment is ideal for a lawn to grow, PH around 6 to 6.5. A lawn’s PH being in a slightly acidic range will ensure the lawn grow and stay healthy. If it is too alkaline, you can spread sulphate of ammonia over your lawn. To fix an acidic lawn, apply garden lime or dolomite in your lawn.

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What can be done with a tired looking lawn? How to Rejuvenate Your Lawn!

There are many ways to improve the look and usefulness of your garden, from adding garden storage, water features or even something as simple as planting new flowers.  But there is one feature of most gardens that, if poorly maintained, will instantly let the whole garden down – the lawn.


To turf or not to turf

If your lawn is a little lackluster then there are a few things that you can do to remedy the situation.  It is possible to heal a damaged lawn with special feeding products and other treatments that will remove weeds and moss whilst nourishing and feeding the grass.  This approach is great if you are dealing with small amounts of damage or isolated problems, but is much harder on a large scale.  Additionally, many of the products on the market that are designed to aid this kind of treatment are chemical based, which might be a deal-breaker for some.  If you are facing larger scale issues, then it is very possible to simply remove the entire top soil layer entirely, so that the weeds and grass are gone, and then treat the soil with a product to ensure that all of the weeds are dead.  A reasonable amount of time later (it varies with the products used) the soil can be reseeded and new grass will sprout.  This approach is the most thorough, but will take at least a year, possibly longer, before you are even close to a full and healthy lawn.  This leaves the last option, which is to turf the lawn space.


If you choose to turf…

Turfing a lawn makes a lot of sense, as it is a quick and effective procedure that will give great results fast.  There are times when it may not be suitable to turf, such as if the garden is riddled with weeds or has poor soil pH levels, both of which would need to be dealt with first.  But choosing to turf means that you are transplanting high quality, ready grown grass into your garden.  This turf should have been grown on dedicated turf farms by professionals who understand the needs of the grass and have cultivated it carefully until it is mature and strong enough to be harvested.  The turf is then sliced free from the soil in strips by a special machine before being rolled up or delivery.


Know your supplier

The quality of the turf you receive will dictate the end result almost exclusively, so picking a company like A View Turf that you know you can trust makes a big difference.  High quality turf and nothing else so you can always guarantee the results.  There are plenty of turf suppliers out there and many of them offer the same level of high standards, but there are also some whose standards aren’t quite so high, so doing a little bit of research first could save you from a complete re-turf of your garden in the long run.

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Know Your Lawn – Why and When Empire Zoysia Grass is a Great Choice

Having a lush, wholesome looking lawn is an essential centerpiece to any garden.  But the harsh heat that we experience in Australia is enough to make many species of grass suffer, even if properly looked after.  There are some species however that are able to thrive in pretty much any conditions the continent can provide; and one of the most hardy of these is Empire Zoysia grass.


The cold never bothered me anyway

Empire Zoysia grass is highly resilient to temperature changes.  This species can easily withstand fluctuating temperatures and has been proven to be able to survive easily in 40+ degrees celsius heat, which makes it more than capable of handling the Australian summer.  Amazingly, it can also manage to stay healthy in places where the temperature drops to -20 degrees celsius, which is a very impressive temperature range to grow in for a plant; especially a grass species.  The only real downside to these temperature changes involves shadows.  Empire Zoysia grass will still grow in shady areas with little to no problem, but if more than half the time it is going to be shady or there is a lot of wear on a shady patch, then it might not keep its perfect appearance.


Tough, not rough

In addition to its temperature resistance, Empire Zoysia grass is soft yet very hard wearing.  This means that not only can it withstand a lot of traffic across it and still spring back without concern, but it is able to withstand drought very effectively as well.  All of these features combined make it an excellent candidate for turf as it can withstand the stress of being transplanted much better than most.  In fact having high quality Empire Zoysia instant lawn turf fitted can give your garden a rapid facelift as it will look great after a very short amount of bedding in time.  Of course, it is still going to need time to lay down proper roots, but it will recover from the move in a much short time than many other grasses you can buy.


When is a grass not a grass?

As with everything, ensuring that you get a quality product when you buy Empire Zoysia grass is important.  Trusting reputable lawn specialists, will make sure that the grass or turf your receive is of an exceptionally high quality and has been grown to meet all of the industry standards.  Above all else, it will make certain that what you receive is actually Empire Zoysia or whatever species of grass you expected, not something different but cheaper to produce.  Although there is not exactly a huge market for misleading customers on the type of grass they receive, as with any opportunity there will be those who are less truthful about what they are selling.


This will normally take the form of ‘impurities’ in the turf, so the actual grass you expect is there, but so are other grasses and possibly even weeds that will ‘dilute’ the premium grass product.  This is most often a sign of lazy or lackluster growing and production rather than a deliberate attempt to defraud the customer, but it is still something to be aware of and make sure that you don’t get caught out by.  If you buy Empire Zoysia grass, or any other species, then that is the specific product you have chosen.  Having anything else in the mix is not what you are paying for and is not acceptable; plus it will ruin the effect if you install it.

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